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Do you need help turning a story idea into a fully developed, professional screenplay?

SYS's From Concept to Completion Screenwriting Course will guide you through the entire process of writing a screenplay: from coming up with a concept, to outlining your screenplay, to writing your screenplay, and finally to marketing your screenplay.

Once you begin the course, you'll work through 7 modules in 26 weeks to complete your screenplay. Each module covers a specific part of the writing process like outlining or writing your third act. Each module has a video lesson with it to give instruction on that specific area of writing your screenplay.

Each week you'll receive an email with the corresponding assignments for the week and, once complete, you'll mark them as completed and move along to the next section. It's easy to turn the emails on and off so you can work at your own pace, but while it's turned on, you'll receive emails weekly to keep you on track to finish a screenplay in 26 weeks.

We offer the course in two varieties, with feedback and without. With the feedback option you'll get written feedback from SYS's Script Analysts on both your outline and the first draft of your screenplay.

When you complete the course, you will have a polished screenplay ready for submission to contests, agencies, managers, and producers.

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  • Accountability: You'll get weekly email reminders to help you stay on track to finish a professional screenplay in 26 weeks.
  • Don't waste time on unmarketable concepts: Using SYS's Concept Template you'll learn how to vette your concepts before you waste time writing a concept that will never succeed in the marketplace.
  • Written Feedback: With the feedback option, you'll get one professional evaluation on your concept/synopsis and two evaluations on the first draft of your screenplay. These analyses are done by our staff readers of the SYS Script Analysis service. You will receive one analysis on your concept/treatment and two on the first draft of your screenplay.
  • 7 Modules including 10+ hours of video instruction covering every aspect of writing your screenplay.

How does the course work?

Once you make payment we'll send you an email with a link in it that will take you to the course page at SYS. From there you will manage the course and complete the weekly assignments.

Once you get the welcome message from us, it will have the first assignment in it (basically just familiarizing yourself with the system), you will complete it, and prepare to begin the meat of course.

Each Sunday an email will be sent to you with the weekly assignment. You simply keep working on the assignments each week and marking them as completed, and the course will move you through each section of the process.

The course is broken into 7 modules that span 26 weeks. Here is the outline:

Module #1: Choosing a Marketable Concept
[Week #1],[Week#2],[Week#3]

Module #2: Before You Begin to Write Your Screenplay

Module #3: How to Make the Opening Pages of Your Screenplay Awesome

Module #4: Act I - How to Write a Killer First Act for Your Screenplay
[Week#11, Week#12]

Module #5: Act II - Writing a Great Second Act for Your Screenplay
[Week#13, Week#14, Week#15, Week#16]

Module #6: Act III - Writing a Great Ending to Your Screenplay
[Week#17, Week#18, Week#19]

Module #7: The Rewriting
[Week#20], [Week #21], [Week#22,Week#23,Week#24,Week#25]

Bonus Module: Marketing Your Screenplay

The weekly emails can be managed on the course page. It sends out the assignments until you mark them as completed or miss 4 weeks in a row. After 4 weeks, it gets turned off although it's easy to turn it back on when you're ready again.

Each module contains a video class taught by me (Ashley Scott Meyers) on the corresponding subject. And the bonus module is a 3 hour course on using the various online services to market your screenplay.

If you choose the feedback option you will receive our standard SYS Script Analysis. The first analysis will be on your concept/treatment and the other two will be on the first draft of your screenplay.


Q: Can I take this course if I live outside the United States?
A: Yes. The entire course is online so you can take it from anywhere as long as you have a computer and an internet connection.

Q: Is this course available in other languages other than English?
A: Unfortunately, no. Perhaps in the future we'll be able to offer the course in other languages, but right now you really need to be fluent in English to get the most value out of it.

Payment Options: