Success Stories From Using SYS Services

Has anyone had success with SYS services? Yes! Keep reading…

I hold myself (Ashley Scott Meyers) up as a living breathing testimonial for the SYS services. I use my own services and I’ve had success with them. Every produced credit I have can be traced back directly to the methods that I teach in my free guide, talk about often on my podcast and offer as a service through SYS.

But enough about me. Here is what real people are saying about the SYS services. If you’re at all skeptical of any of this, try and reach out to some of these people on your own. They’re all very nice and will be happy to talk to you. Many of them are easy to track down online.

Andrew Marshall

I wanted to let you know that the producer you introduced me to through SYS’s Six-Figure Screenplay Contest and I were able to make an option agreement. I thank you for your help with this connection.

Corey H.

About a week ago, a producer/director was asking for a Horror short, and so I sent him one of mine, and that day he asked to produce it!

And within a week he shot and edited it.

The producer is out of England, so the added fun is the accents. I just have an awesome feeling of pride and accomplishment to have this done, and a nice new credit in my portfolio of work.

Thank you for all you offer from SYS, it has been a huge help for me as a writer, developing and growing throughout the years!

Steve Feld

I’m a loyal subscriber to SYS. A few weeks ago I submitted a longline to a production company. The company then asked for a synopsis and then the script. Earlier this week they optioned my action comedy, “One of Those Days.” My script would have never made it to the company or have been optioned without the help of Ashley and SYS. I hope this is the first of many successes!

Steve Feld on IMDb

Eric Flowers

SYS has been essential to my improvement as a screenwriter and has created a number of specific professional opportunities. First of all, SYS’s Six-figure Screenplay Contest provided me with valuable feedback on the script that I entered. Secondly, I’ve had my scripts downloaded a number of times over the last couple of years and have had discussions with a number of producers. Finally, two major opportunities have materialized through the screenplay leads you provided. Thank you once again.

Norma Parena

I have recently been hired via SYS for a writing job for a feature. I initially replied to one of your leads where they were looking for scripts. My own screenplay was not what they were looking for at that point in time, but the producer liked my style and thought I would be suitable for another project they had in pre-production. After a few exchanges she hired me as the writer! Thank you Ashley!

Kate Niemuller

I just wanted to give you an update on the Query Letter blast you sent out for me. The screenplay was requested 15 times and I’m in the process of being hired by a producer to write a feature in the same genre as that script that went to him through the blast. So, a definite success!

Peter Wisan

I just landed my second major success through the SYS Leads Newsletter. The first was being brought on as a script doctor for a seven figure project, and the most recent was the sale of a screenplay to a medium-range production company (they produced several titles I recognize). Now they want to read everything I’ve written. SYS Select is worth every penny; even one sale a year more than pays for the subscription, and the extra services like help refining your loglines make it an amazing deal. Thank, Ashley!

Chet Falzerano

If you’ll remember you helped me with one of your “Blasts” (actually 2) for the screenplay my wife and I wrote. Through the blast we received two option offers and elected to go with the most enthusiastic one. So we optioned it to this enthusiastic producer last year and subsequently made a “proof of concept” short that will hopefully help her secure financing. She just entered it into the Cannes Film Festival.

Phillip Day

Hi Ashley. Just an update on the Hellfire Corner script. I signed a Right to Shop agreement with a production company last night. Using your service, I blasted the script to your producer and director three times over the summer before I got this result, though the script has previously been requested by a dozen other parties. The producer concerned requested the script last Friday, saying he would read it over the weekend. He did. I received a heartening email from him this Tuesday saying that he loved the movie and actually listed out the things that impressed him about it. Now we’ve got our work cut out flogging it into the really big money (WW2 Battle of Britain drama – $50M at least). Anyhow, just to say that you were right. Sometimes it might take up to half a dozen blasts for us scripties to break through Hollywood’s crusty ole exterior and hit its still beating heart. Thank you for your excellent service.

Martin Bartlett

A director of photography found me through SYS Select’s Screenplay Database and he wants to direct the script. Once we do some tweaks to the screenplay, he plans on pitching the project to his financial backers. BTW – He really understands story for a DP.

Alec Peters

I just optioned my first screenplay and the lead came from SYS Select. They hope to start production soon. Thanks again, SYS select has served me well. Cheers.

Jody Ellis

I just wanted to share that a screenplay I had listed on your website was recently optioned by an established producer. I had the script posted in the SYS select database and he found it and read it, then contacted me about optioning it.

This is my first success with SYS so thank you!

Pablo Vizcarrondo

I just wanted to give you some good news. I’ve been hired by a director / producer to help him finish his script. This was one of the leads I applied to last week!!! It definitely pays off to be a member of SYS Select.

Marco Patino

I wanted to let you know that I optioned my screenplay to a producer through your service. I did get a couple of bites from your fax/email blast but it was submitting to a lead that got me the option. Thank you for the services that you offer.

David Santo

Ashley Scott Meyers approaches every aspect of screenwriting with passion, excellence and overall mastery of the relevant information.

I’ve used his website for everything from sending queries to hiring consultants to getting familiar with how the film and TV biz works.

And did I mention his podcasts? They’re more fun than popping a champagne cork on New Year’s Eve!

Ashley also helped me sell my feature script PLANET GEORGE to Rick Troxel at Dragonfly Bay Films!

Steve Deering

Steve recently optioned a screenplay through the SYS Select screenplay database. You can hear him talk about it in episode 222 of the SYS Podcast.

Cristian Lacatus

After using the SYS blast, my script was picked up for development by an experienced producer. For those of us who live far away from Los Angeles, your service provides a great way to connect with industry insiders and try to break into the business.

Stephen T. Hoover

I optioned my comedy about a former hard rocker who finds true love and passion in the world of funk music. I originally purchased a script analysis from you and the screenplay received a rating of ‘recommend,’ which got me a free blast. So I used the blast service, connected with a producer, and he ended up optioning the screenplay. Thanks for this outstanding service.

James C. Peters

SYS Select’s new screenplay database is amazing. Three of my scripts grabbed a couple dozen producer hits the first week–plus an option offer for one of them! Great site, Ashley. Thanks!

Olivia Brooks-Scrivanich

I used your blast and met a producer who has a first look deal with Crackle. He’s really excited about the screenplay. We’re working together on the finishing touches. He just texted me yesterday and said “Beyond this script, we should start thinking of a story arc for a 10 episode season.

The script I originally pitched him through the blast service, responded to the script I pitched in the blast and his phone number was in the email…told me to contact him. Waited a while and followed up. He wasn’t too keen on the one he responded to, so I pitched another one I had over the phone, and that did it. Even contacted me from London.

Originally, he responded to the script I pitched. I waited a while and then followed up. He wasn’t too keen on the script he responded to, so I pitched another one, and that did it.

I would have never met him if I didn’t purchase your blast and follow up on the interest.

Pays to have more than one screenplay, too!

George Cowan

I’ve sent three feature scripts out using the SYS email blast service. The third script was optioned and since then, three additional scripts have been optioned through contacts with the first optioning producer.

Peter Stevens

I’d like to take advantage of your email blast service again. You last sent out a blast for me in May. Through your service I found a producer who optioned my script and wants to direct it, too. He’s also secured some Oscar winning below the line talent. He also had a budget professionally put together, scouted locations and has found rebates to potentially cut our $10M budget in half.

Hoping I can replicate the success I had with your blast last year! Couldn’t have done it without you!

Steve Feld

Just wanted to let you know that because of one of your leads, I have entered into an agreement with Better Management for representation.

Jordan [at Better Management] loved two of my scripts and will be actively pitching them to production companies on my behalf.

Thank you so much for your help on!


Justin Sloan

Ashley, it is official – I have now optioned my first screenplay, and it’s thanks to you! Oh man, I’m going to be promoting the hell out of you and your service. Thanks again!

Craig Walendziak

“I have used the SYS Fax/Email blast on two separate occasion. Both times, I was inundated with request for script reads and meetings. I’m happy to say that I OPTIONED one script and made countless other lasting relationships with Producers and Managers. If you are a writer trying to ‘break in’ this is a great way to open doors. I highly recommend it!”

Jordan Chadwick Imiola

The SYS blast has been a wonderful experience and has definitely helped my career. The first time I did the blast, I had dozens of producers request my screenplay. From that, I had several meetings with directors and producers who liked my script. I landed my first option of a few thousand dollars and got even more money when the option was extended a year later. I also landed a few paid writing assignments from producers who didn’t think that script was for them, but liked my writing.

I’ve done the blast a few times since then and have always had a positive outcome. For years prior, I poured money into other websites like The Black List and various writing contests and saw no results, besides getting overpriced script coverage. With the SYS blast, I’ve had real results, met producers face to face, and made money doing what I love.

Jordan came on the podcast to talk about his experiences as a screenwriter in episode 57. So check that out to learn more about his career.

Jack Sekowski

I used SYS’ email blast service for several scripts with varying results. The most requests I received for one of my scripts is 87 over the course of several weeks. The least requests I received is 11. I ended up with two options by established producers whose credits you’d recognize. One is confident about getting Bradley Cooper to star in it. From his lips to God’s ears. The thing to remember is that it’s a process. People will love your script while others will fail to recognize its potential. You push forward by getting it in the hands of as many producers as you can since ultimately it’s a numbers game. And SYS’ blast service is the perfect way of getting it in as many hands as possible. I highly recommend it.

Jack has his own website here:

Update: Jack was hired to write a feature for a producer as a result of the SYS email/fax blast. He came on the podcast to talk about it on episode 161.

Michael Stagliano

I’m a brand new screen writer. My experience with Selling Your Screenplay has had an incredible impact on the start of my writing career. SYS provides remarkable value for all of it’s services. I’ve taken advantage of the SYS Select monthly benefits, paid for coverage for my pilots and features, and have used the email/fax blast. In turn, I have had a dozen meetings, optioned several of my projects, and am closing my first sale on two different pieces- a short and a pilot. Please take my advice, get on the SYS train- it will jump start your career in Hollywood.”

Michael came on the podcast before he used any of the SYS services in episode 64. So check that out to learn more about his career and how he got started.

Dan Benamor

The SYS blast is for real. I got dozens of script requests using it. That simply doesn’t happen, with any other service I’m aware of. If you’re trying to put your pitch in front of as many people as possible, this is a great tool.

Update: After the blast Dan was able to sell one of his screenplays to a producer he met through the blast. He talks about his experience on the SYS Podcast here: Episode 103.

Vincent Befi

Ashley helped me decide which idea of mine was the most solid, most likely to sell, helped craft a logline, and helped craft the query letter. And it worked! I received over 50 script requests and had a couple offers to option/buy it. As of now, my script is currently in pre-production, all because of Ashley’s service and his personal help.

Marie Rose

After using the Query Letter Submission Service at to effortlessly blast out a personalized query letter to hundreds of literary managers, I received 40 requests for my screenplay and booked several meetings before signing with my new manager. Now my screenplays are being submitted to studios and production companies all over town. I love this writer’s eblast tool!

Jason Spellman

The very first time I used the blast service I immediately got dozens of responses and after only two hours of sending out the initial blast a producer called me directly. I spent two hours on the phone with him talking about everything under the sun except for my script. I initially thought that was odd but the conversation eventually developed into a long standing mentoring relationship over many months. He did end up reading the script and I am currently waiting while he sets up the funds to produce the film. The second blast for another script, I had asked for certain producers to be excluded from the list. By a happy accident these producers were left on and one producer who had optioned my first script and wasn’t into straight horror asked for a copy. A week later he optioned it and is currently shopping it around to major studios. I don’t think I will ever go back to sending out queries on my own. What used to take me weeks to do, even months, can now be accomplished in a single hour with the SYS email/fax blast service. I couldn’t recommend it more.

Alex Butt

The connections I made through the SYS email/fax blast service got my screenwriting career started. Through the service, I got a manager, optioned a screenplay and got my script read by directors such as Jay Roach, Chris Columbus and Walt Becker.

Kathy Panzella

I just logged into my gmail account. There are so many emails from production companies! I am floored!!! I’ve only read the first 18 responses, and there are many more emails to go through, but at least 6 want the FINDING ATLANTIS script and one wants BALI BREAKS too. I never thought I’d have the “problem” of keeping track of scripts sent out to producers!!!

Today is like Christmas morning, but, reality check, I know this is just the first step in a long process! Your eblast definitely works.

Many thanks.

Kieran O’mullane

An update on the optioning of The Talisman 1 and Talisman 2, two feature scripts in the martial arts / action / fantasy genre.

I sent the query letter out to the 1/3 producers list, and got three script requests, one of which was from a producer with experience in exactly this area.

That producer asked for an option, and came up with two option agreements. After a bit of back and forth with a few amendments, we now have the agreements in place.

It’s been a great experience on the SYS forum, starting with the logline, then the query letter, and then the email / fax blast.

Prior to this, I’ve struggled for years to get my scripts into the hands of folks who might be interested. This method is simply fantastic. I’ve got a couple of other scripts nearly ready to go, and I can’t wait to try this again.

One thing I’d do differently though – I think I’d do the full producer list, rather than in parts. You might as well cover the whole field in one hit. In that way, if you get any interest, you know exactly what your options are.

Thanks Ashley. It’s been a very interesting experience.