In this episode of the podcast I talk with Michael Stagliano, screenwriter and former “The Bachelorette” contestant and “Bachelor Pad” winner. We talk about how he’s pushing his screenwriting career ahead. In addition Michael had a number of questions for me, so for the last half of our conversation he interviews me.

The podcast is available in iTunes, YouTube, Stitcher (for Android users), the Windows Marketplace, and the Blackberry store or you can simply listen to it or watch it right from my blog.

You can also read a transcript of this episode.

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One thought on “SYS Podcast Episode 064: Writer Michael Stagliano Talks About His Emerging Screenwriting Career”
  1. Thanks Michael and Ashley,
    How good to have Sound which works.
    Where does it fit in the market was a leading topic. We might have spent longer on that. So important.
    “A clear and concise story.” Yes, so true. Making it hard for the audience to follow is a no, no. Avoid too many sub plots, Yes!
    Ashley’s concern with structure made a cool balance with Michael’s intuition. I guess both are needed if we are to be original and appeal to producers.
    Thanks for a most useful podcast.

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