In this episode of the Selling Your Screenplay Podcast I interview Jaime Primak Sullivan. Jamie has sold several projects recently by pitching to producers. In the interview she gives tons of great tips for how you can pitch your projects, too.

The podcast is available in iTunes, YouTube, Stitcher (for Android users), the Windows Marketplace, and the Blackberry store or you can simply listen to it or watch it right from my blog.

You can also read a transcript of this episode.

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5 thoughts on “SYS Podcast Episode 037: Pitching Your Screenplay With Jaime Primak Sullivan”
  1. I really appriciate your endless effort to help new writers like me to get their projects into the right hands. Pitching an idea is a challenge to most of us. With your podcast, our minds are opened. Thank you also for introducing me to networks like and I hope I’ll get more exposure due to your input.

  2. I just joined your site and would like to send out my last screenplay with your mailing service.
    Thank You

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