In this episode of the Selling Your Screenplay Podcast I talk with Canadian screenwriter Kraig Wenman. Like Brian D Young, Kraig broke in using InkTip while living outside of the USA. He offers a lot of great insight into how to start and maintain a screenwriting career.

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You can also read a transcript of this episode.

Kraig’s Bio:

After graduating from Vancouver Film School, Canadian screenwriter Kraig Wenman has had 43 options/sales, 16 produced features, and 3 feature producer credits. He’s repped by David Saunders @ APA and Eric WIlliams/Jeff Belkin @ Zero Gravity Management.

Currently, Kraig is developing a 150 million dollar China-Co Pro trilogy with Transformers/X-Men producer Tom Desanto and a supernatural thriller series for Morgan Creek called The Dark Room.

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