Ashley Scott Meyers – Biography

ashleyAfter graduating from Guilford College in Greensboro, North Carolina, with a B.S. in Accounting, Ashley Scott Meyers moved from his childhood home in Annapolis, Maryland, to Los Angeles, California to pursue a career as a screenwriter.

During his first two years in Los Angeles, Meyers worked to hone his craft. He read hundreds of scripts and watched hundreds of movies, trying to figure out for himself what made a good script work. In addition, he continued to read the classics– Shakespeare, Ibsen, Checkov, Shaw– and worked to incorporate literary precision and artistry into his own writing. He managed to write 5 screenplays in his first two years in Los Angeles.

Meyers returned to school to pursue a Masters degree in Mass Communications, with a screenwriting emphasis, at Cal State, Northridge. He graduated two years later.

Meyers’ hours of toil began to show results. He began writing Reunion with plans to co-produce it with Nathan Ives, and Doug DeMarco.

At nearly the same time he optioned Dish Dogs to 7.23 Productions– earning his first few dollars as a screenwriter. Dish Dogs was co-written with long time college friend, Nathan Ives. It’s a semi-fictitious account of their travels across the country and working as dish washers (“dish dogs”) in various restaurants. Dish Dogs was produced and released in 2000. It stars Sean Astin, Mattew Lillard, Brian Dennehy, Shannon Elizabeth, Maitland Ward, and Richard Moll.

Meanwhile, the production of Reunion was completed, and the producers have started to find distribution. Reunion recently premiered in Spain in a digital art house circuit. The trailer and website for Reunion are now online at

Man Overboard, another collaboration with long time friend and writing partner Nathan Ives, was produced by Treasure Entertainment. The trailer and website for Man Overboard can be found here:

Meyers recently sold Rushlights, a film noir thriller and Ninja Apocalypse, a martial arts post apocalyptic adventure.

Meyers continues to write new material and has several projects currently in development. He has written more than 25 feature film scripts and had nearly all of them have been optioned to various producers and directors over the last few years. Production is slated to begin on several projects very soon.

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