Free Webinar: How To Effectively Market Your Screenplay And Sell It!

I (Ashley Scott Meyers) am going to be running a free webinar called, How To Effectively Market Your Screenplay And Sell It! I’m hoping you might like to join me. Again, it’s completely free.

Every screenplay that I’ve optioned and sold I’ve done myself. No agents. No managers. I’ve networked, sent query letters, tried nearly every online screenwriting service like InkTip and The Black List, entered screenwriting contests, made cold calls to production companies, produced my own independent film, and probably a hundred other things, too. Some things have worked well while others haven’t yielded any real results.

In this free webinar I’m going to go through each and every potential marketing channel that’s available to a screenwriter and tell you which ones actually work. And if they do work, how to best leverage them for maximum results.

If you decide to participate in the webinar I’m going to answer all of these questions (and more) in great detail:

  • Does The Black List work?
  • Does InkTip work?
  • Which screenwriting contests should you enter?
  • Does Virtual Pitch Fest work?
  • Can you really sell a script through Stage 32?
  • Do online pitchfests like The Happy Writers work?
  • Can you really sell a screenplay to a producer you met on Craig’s List?
  • Do query letters work? If so, how?
  • Is cold calling production companies a viable method to selling your screenplay?
  • We all know networking is a great way to market your screenplay, but what’s the best way to network and find real producers who are looking for material?
  • How can you leverage social media to get your screenplay read?

I’ve personally used all of these marketing channels and I’m going to give you my unfiltered opinion about them. In many cases my opinion isn’t something I would ever say in a public podcast, that’s for sure!

Webinar Details

The webinar will take place on Wednesday August 9th, at 10am PST. But don’t worry if you can’t attend the live event! It will be recorded so you can watch it later whenever it is convenient for you so sign up even if you can’t attend the live event. Everyone who signs up will receive the link to the recording.

To sign up just fill in the form below.

If you have any questions or comments please let me know.

Ashley Scott Meyers