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Script Analysis

Welcome to the Selling Your Screenplay Script Analysis page. If you’re looking for a professional analysis of your screenplay, we can help. We currently offer two services, an in depth, deep dive into your screenplay by a working industry professional, or a more economical script analysis by a studio / production company reader.

Studio Reader Script Analysis.

All our readers have years of experience working for studios, production companies, agents, managers and contests. These readers are the gatekeepers of the industry and you will need to impress them with your writing to get to the decision makers. Click here to learn more about our readers.

The readers will provide 2-3 pages of detailed notes about the strengths and weaknesses of your screenplay, how to improve it, and potential ideas to fix key problems. All scripts are evaluated on the basis of six key criteria, including concept, characters, structure, marketability, tone, and craft. All scripts will be given an overall grade of Pass, Consider, or Recommend.

We offer the script analysis service for both feature film scripts and television scripts. We also offer proofreading, that comes without any analysis.

We offer a three reader bundle pack with a deep discount. You’ll save $100 with feature scripts and $88 with teleplays. That’s three reads of your feature screenplay for less than $67 and less than $55 per teleplay! You’re welcome to mix and match this offer with your different scripts. You can send one script to three different readers or you can send three different scripts to the same (or different) readers. It’s up to you. You’re not going to find high quality notes like this at this price anywhere.

Turnaround time is usually around one week, sometimes more but usually less.

Once you place your order we will email you with further directions and you will choose the reader(s) who you think is right for your project.

Example Notes: If you would like to see some actual example notes you can find them here: Example 1, Example 2. The example notes are from two different readers on the same horror screenplay. In addition, I recorded a conversation between myself and the screenwriter after he received the notes. Click here to view our conversation.

Bonus: If your screenplay gets a grade of “Recommend” from one of our readers you will receive a free producer’s email/fax blast, ($159 value) a service that has helped numerous writers sell and option screenplays as well as get paid writing assignments.

2nd Bonus: If your screenplay gets a grade of “Recommend” or “Consider” from one of our readers you will receive a free placement in the SYS Database for 1 year for that screenplay. The SYS Database is used daily by producers, agents, managers, and directors who are looking for material.

Studio Reader Screenplay Analysis (Feature Film)
$99 On Sale $89

Screenplay Page Length

3 Pack – Studio Reader Screenplay Analysis (Feature Film)
$297 On Sale $199

Screenplay Page Length

Studio Reader Teleplay Analysis (Television)
$84 On Sale $74

Teleplay Page Length

3 Pack – Studio Reader Teleplay Analysis (Television)
$252 On Sale $164

Teleplay Page Length

Studio Reader Proofreading Service
$79 On Sale $69

Script Page Length

3 Pack – Studio Reader Proofreading Service
$237 On Sale $179

Script Page Length

Studio Reader Treatment / Outline Analysis
$79 On Sale $69

Do you have a 5 or 10 page treatment for your screenplay or teleplay? Our professional readers will evaluate your project.
Treatment Page Length

Studio Reader Writes Your Log Line And Synopsis
$99 On Sale $89

Do you need us to write a log line and synopsis for your project? Our professional studio readers can do that for you.
Script Page Length

The Readers are…

Jordan I – I have years of script coverage experience at 20th Century Fox, Untitled Entertainment and a management company in Beverly Hills. I’ve written in all genres, but my strongest is comedy. My favorite films are The Hangover, Bridesmaids, Little Miss Sunshine, Four Weddings and a Funeral, 500 Days of Summer, and Stranger Than Fiction. Available for features, shorts, television, synopsis writing, treatments.

Arthur T. – I have been reading and analyzing scripts for studios, agencies and individuals for over two decades. Companies include Silver Pictures, John Calley Productions, CAA, the Gage Group, Pfeffer Film, Alexander-Enright, and FilmColony. I am an indie film buff at heart and have a soft spot for historical pieces, dark comedies, and all things Coenesque. Available for features, shorts, synopsis writing, treatments.

Jerzy S. – While I’m open to all genres, the stories that really spoke to me are the ones with unique voices and that try to do something different. My favorite films include the LOTR trilogy, Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, Midnight in Paris, Inception, Silver Linings Playbook, Amelie, all things Wes Anderson and Quentin Tarantino, and auteur cinema in the style of Fellini, Bergman, Godard or Rohmer. Available for features, shorts, television, synopsis writing, treatments.

Angie – The best stories are the ones that shift the ground under my feet. I crave characters and plots that linger in my psyche. Science fiction has always spoken to me. I have provided script analysis for LAISA, Script2Comic, ScreenplayAwardsNetwork and SellingYourScreenplay, as well as collaborated with other writers and consultants. Available for features, shorts, television, synopsis writing, treatments.

Tracy W. – I have worked as a script doctor and professional reader for film directors, authors and screenwriters. I have analyzed screenplays for production companies such as Scenario Entertainment and Palomar Pictures. I have appreciation and experience analyzing all genres of film or TV scripts. As a prize-winning screenwriter, my specialized genres are thriller, horror, dark comedy and drama. But a quality script is a quality script. At the end of the day, people just want to be understood. A great story is unforgettable when it provides illumination into one’s own soul. Available for features, shorts, television, synopsis writing, treatments.

K Livingston – I’ve been a professional reader for a Los Angeles literary agency. I’ve worked in the script development department at Warner Brothers and Universal. I love thrillers and coming of age dramas like Seven and Beautiful Girls. Available for features, shorts, television, synopsis writing, treatments.

S. Hanrath – My professional background is mainly in comedy. I interned at Red Hour, Ben Stiller’s production company, where I transitioned from typical administrative duties to paid research and reading work before going on to assist a number of working writers/comedians regularly in a creative capacity. I have experience reading and noting a diverse range of scripts. Some of my favorite movies/scripts include The Social Network, True Grit, The Player, Mulholland Drive, Scream, The Before Trilogy, Porco Rosso, Heat, Lady Bird, Get Out, Ocean’s Eleven, When Harry Met Sally…, Eat Drink Man Woman, Ed Wood, Bridesmaids, Some Like It Hot, and The Apartment. Available for features, shorts, television, synopsis writing, treatments.

Working Industry Professional Script Analysis

With our Industry Professional Analysis service you get notes from someone who has been working in the industry for many years. These professionals have extensive credits in the entertainment industry. Please see their specific biographies below as well as their IMDb pages to see a list of their produced credits. This detailed analysis will include 3-6 pages of notes covering all aspects of your script, the strengths, the weaknesses, and key insight into how to improve the weak points. Turnaround time is usually around one week, sometimes more but usually less. Once you place your order you will get an email from us with directions on where to email your screenplay. Then you just email your screenplay to us and wait for your script consultant to get back to you.

Aeden BabishAeden Babish – Aeden Babish is a television writer who started his career as a writer’s assistant on NBC’s “The West Wing.” Since then, he has gone on to write on a wide variety of shows, most recently on TNT’s “Rizzoli & Isles.” Before that, he wrote for two seasons of the TNT legal buddy comedy “Franklin & Bash,” and the one season of the sci-fi drama “Journeyman,” co-writing the series finale. He has also written several screenplays and done rewrites and polishes on several more. A fan of all genres, he particularly enjoys action, thrillers and comedies. Aeden Babish on IMDb

Aeden Babish Script Analysis Service

Alan KatzAlan Katz – Over the course of more than 25 years as a writer/producer, Alan Katz has been involved with several iconic entertainment franchises. He got his start writing episodes of ‘Freddy’s Nightmares’ the ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ TV series, ran ‘Tales From The Crypt’ for 5 seasons for HBO (also writing and producing 2 ‘Tales From The Crypt’ feature films) and served as a co-executive producer for 2+ seasons on Showtime’s ‘The Outer Limits’. He also has written pilots for ABC, Fox, HBO, UPN, ABC Family and SyFy, and worked as a script/story consultant for Electronic Arts. At present, his feature film script ‘The Genex’ (a political thriller about the Armenian genocide) is in pre-production. Alan Katz on IMDb

Script Analysis Service

Mark HeidelbergerMark Heidelberger – Mark Heidelberger is a 14-year veteran of the entertainment industry and active member of the Producers Guild of America’s Producers Council. He co-founded production/management company Treasure Entertainment in 2000 and served as its chief executive officer for more than a decade. He managed working feature and television writers over this time, served as head judge for a national screenplay competition, and developed many produced motion picture and television projects. Development credits include Don McKay, Living & Dying, Fall Down Dead, Hallmark Channel’s You’ve Got A Friend, Man Overboard, and It’s Not You, It’s Me as well as the upcoming Ninja Apocalypse and Purgatory. Prior to Treasure Entertainment, he provided coverage and script notes for companies such as Phoenix Pictures, Film Roman and Outlaw Productions. He currently serves as a freelance producer, production manager and development consultant. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies from UC Santa Barbara and a Master of Fine Arts in Producing with a development emphasis from UCLA. Go to http://www.markheidelberger.com/ to learn more about all the production services that Mr. Heidelberger offers. Mark Heidelberger on IMDb

Script Analysis Service