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<em>Selling Your Screenplay</em> by Ashley Scott Meyers 
Selling Your Screenplay by Ashley Scott Meyers started out as a book I wrote to share my experiences as a screenwriter.  So far the book has received a decent reception and most people who have read it seemed to have gotten a lot of out of it.  So I decided to create this blog to try and keep people updated and answer questions that people had.

If you like what I have to say on this blog and want to learn more about how to sell your screenplay, I recommend my book.

The book covers many of the same topics covered in this blog but with more detail and all in one well organized place.

If you would like to buy the book Selling Your Screenplay it’s available through and Booklocker in either a printed edition or an immediately available ebook (available at Booklocker only).

Click here to buy Selling Your Screenplay at

You can also buy the book through by clicking here.  They sell the paperback edition as well as an instantly available ebook version for slightly less money.

9 thoughts on “The Book”
  1. I like your down to earth Selling Your Screenplay. In the future, after I’m finished with my client’s eight weeks of consulting, I’ll refer them to your book.

    Ben Dubner – Screenwriter / Script Consultant

  2. Your book answered many of the questions I had about Screenwriting. I thought my script was ready for submission, but after reading your book I found I had many ‘no-nos’ and went back to do another rewrite. I just finished and the script looks 100% better. And I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to hone his/her scriptwriting skills.

    Rey King – Novelist/Screenwriter

  3. Hello I’ve been writing and learning for two years. My writing style is contemplative with moments of insight. I am working and analyzing ways of generating story (the second act). and a system of building the script. The order in which scenes are structured and presented is just what it is depending on the plotting…My question is where or who would accept a series of articles about theory. thanks i didn’t see a place to contact you directly

    1. Max;

      I’m honestly not sure where you could publish such a work. I’ve never tried to publish articles on theory. You might try any number of screenwriting and/or general writing magazines.

      Good luck!


  4. Ashley:

    This is a very helpful website and the weekly blogs are very useful. However, I can’t seem to find out how to sign up for the paid query service. Each link just describes it, but does not really tell how to get going/sign up.

    Thank you.

    1. It works like this: You sign up for the paid services (only $4.99 / month) and you get access to the paid forum along with your own screenwriting website. Inside the forum you post your log line and query letter. I give you notes, and once you’re happy that it’s as good as it can be, you pay for the blasts and I blast it out. This ensures that there is some standards to the query letters that are sent to my list.

      Go here to learn more and to sign up:

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