Deadline Junkies Writers Group

A development lab for professional screenwriters.

What is the goal?
Develop screenplays. Option screenplays. Sell screenplays. And network with talented people.

How does it work?
Every Tuesday evening we hold three staged readings at a theater in Sherman Oaks. These readings are performed by professional actors in front of a group of fifteen experienced and articulate, Hollywood scribes. After each reading, the room exchanges feedback and discusses how the writer can improve the material.

How much does it cost?
Meetings are free for actors and auditors. Member screenwriters pay $35 a month.

What time do you meet?
Every Tuesday evening from 7:15 pm to 10 pm.

Where do you meet?
Open Stage West
14336 Ventura Blvd
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
Click here for a map.
The actual theater is located in the back south east corner of the building.

What movie genres do you cover?
The group is heavily comedy, but other genres can work, too. Just don’t be disrespectful and bore us. Dramas, no matter how well written, don’t usually work well in this format. The key is to understand the logistics of how the group works (25 pages of your script will be read by actors sitting on stage while the writers sit in the audience and listen) and realize that slower material or material with complicated plots are hard to follow and will be tedious to listen to.

Are there produced screenwriters in the group?
Yes. Nearly everyone in the group has had at least some success in the business.

How big is the group?
We have 15 screenwriters on our regular five-week rotation and around 50 actors on our casting page. Writers attend every week while actors attend whenever they are cast. Other auditors, producers, directors and friends of the group attend whenever they like.

If I get in, how often will my work be read?
Member screenwriters present new work every five weeks.

Who runs this thing?
I (Ashley Scott Meyers) run the group. It was founded in 2009 by writer-director Adam Strange.

What’s parking like?
Parking is easy. We have a parking garage below the theater and plenty of street parking. Meters run until 8:00PM. Garage parking is free.

I’m super busy. Do I have to come every week?
Yes. If you want your stuff read, you should come every week. Shoddy attendance is the most common reason we take screenwriters off the rotation. If we are going to make the commitment to your project(s), we want your feedback on ours. Sounds reasonable, right? In general screenwriters are expected to attend at least four out of every five weeks. If that’s too much of a commitment for you, then you are not a good fit for this group at this time.

How do I get my screenwriting in front of the group?
First, you need to audit a few meetings to see if we are right for you. Auditing is completely free. So please come out to a meeting and introduce yourself to me and the other writers. We will give you more information about how to join at the meeting.

Question? Comments?
If you have any questions or comments about anything please drop me an email at

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