Below is a list of all the screenplays that made it into the second round of SYS’s Six Figure Screenplay Contest.

A big congratulations to all the writers who had screenplays make it out of the first round. Congratulations!

This is always the hardest part of the contest, trying to choose the winners from the losers. Please do know we take every submission seriously and every screenplay received at least two independent reads on it. As with most creative pursuits, the quality of a screenplay is always somewhat subjective, so if you didn’t place as highly as you had hoped I highly recommend getting a second opinion. It’s always possible we’ve overlooked a great screenplay.

We will be announcing the quarter finalists on October 11th, 2021.

So without further ado here are the screenplays that have progressed to the second round of SYS’s Six-Figure Screenplay Contest 2021 (listed alphabetically by screenplay title):

Short Screenplays:

Afterbirth (horror) by Marko Pandza
Bandit (drama) by Ali Keller
Delany (drama) by Lauren Noble
Deliverance (sci-fi) by Olga Holtz
Desired (comedy) by Kate Harpootlian
Enemy No More (drama) by Christopher Schultz
Horror Kid (horror) by Billy McAfee
Identification (drama) by Larry Collins
Imprint (horror) by Lee Bailes
Mei-Ying (crime) by Nicole Shuhan Shen
Sorky (animation) by Paula Aguilera
Street Justice (thriller) by Reginald Altidor
The Angel Who Never Was (fantasy) by Jeanne Haskin
The Dog (animation) by Kate Harpootlian
The Wager (comedy) by Timothy O’Brien

Feature Screenplays:

1000 Miles To Ontario (drama) by Farboud Vaziri
A Mystic Fog I Carry (drama) by Yen Hwa Huang
American Fallout (drama) by Harry Kakatsakis
BFFs Never Say Die (horror) by K. Jennifer Ilagan
Bar Mitzvah Man (comedy) by Max Kinchen
Below, She Waits (horror) by Lisa J Dooley
But the Truth (thriller) by Les Zig
Cesar & Max (dramedy) by Susan Klos
Cruel Pecans (drama) by Jonny Flores
Drama Department (drama) by Richard Willett
Figure Me Out (comedy) by James Barnes
Glimpses (horror) by Tammy Klembith
In the Meantime (comedy) by Joe Wielosinski
Invisible Prisons (drama) by Hoyt Richards
Joan of Arkansas (comedy) by Isabelle Davis
Known for (thriller) by Troy O’Connor
Labor Day Weekend (comedy) by Donna Gooden
Lotto (drama) by Joe Favalaro
Lucky For you (comedy) by Heidi Kozak Haddad
Marajuana Blues (thriller) by Richard Bailey
Madame Ram (biographical) by Isabelle Davis
Memoirs of A Stalker (thriller) by Alastair Gourlay
Mosaic (drama) by Steve Cross
My Brother Fruticake (dramedy) by Clyde Sawyer
Need To Know (drama) by Simon Craven
Paddy’s Tonsorial Emporium (drama) by Ronald Milburn
Pulpo Paul (comedy) by Rebeca Melara
Relative State (sci-fi) by DeAndra Stone
Retirement Road Trip (dramedy) by Joe Leone
Rocket Science (dramedy) by Stephen Ashworth
Shooting Angels (family) by Randall(RW) Hahn
Silent Knight (romantic comedy) by Todd A McGee
Silo Summer (dramedy) by Gabe Storment
Sunrise (drama) by Andres Valentin Lopez
The Mixteco Kid (family) by Miguel Orozco
The Crucified (thriller) by Garrett Beau McFarland
The Other Side of Solitary (comedy) by Scott Carelli & Nick Jimenez
The Plague Doctor (horror) by Ninon Schubert
The Supremes (drama) by Benny Jean-Baptiste
The Thing About Love (romantic comedy) by Steven Eatherton
Tiny, Texas (drama) by David Keenan
Tipsy Crow (horror) by Patrick Hatten
Untitled Penpal Project (comedy) by Haley Daniels
View From the 59th Floor (thriller) by Josh Taylor
Watching Dad (drama) by Bill Wells
Welcome To Sunnyfields (horror) by Tobias Tobbell
What the Night Leaves Behind (horror) by Rob Sheely
White Fell (horror) by Cole Burgett
Wilder (drama) by Jessie Holder Tourtellotte
Wrathwood (horror) by David Keogh