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SYS’s Six-Figure Screenplay Contest 2020: And the winner is…

A big congratulations to Richard Pierce, author of Friend Request, the winning screenplay in the first annual Six-Figure Screenplay Contest. Congratulations, Richard. To learn a little more about Richard and Friend Request, you can check out our announcement here: Finalists Announcement.

This was a very tough decision. Both of our finalist screenplays were highly thought of by both our first round readers and our industry judges. But the determining factor came down to marketability. Friend Request is well written, high concept, and quite marketable in that it has a number of clear markets that it could be produced for and producers have already reached out to Richard about possibly optioning the screenplay.

With that said, my goal all along with this contest was to find good scripts that could be produced on a modest budget because those are the scripts I feel like I can get produced. So I’m going to spend the next year really championing these scripts and the other quarter finalists. The real prize, obviously, is not winning this contest, but getting the script produced. So stay tuned for announcements as we move towards that goal with hopefully many of the scripts.

We’re planning on running the contest again next year. We’ll be opening up for submissions in February 2021.

Thank you again to everyone who entered the contest. And good luck to everyone on their screenwriting journey.