We’re excited to announce the winners and finalists from this year’s contest. A big thank you to all the screenwriters who entered. We are planning on running the contest again next year, so if you’re working on a low budget screenplay, hopefully you’ll consider entering it.

A big congratulations to both the winners and the runner-ups. They are…

Short Screenplay Category


The REVVER (thriller) by Michael Hanson and Kelly Moothart 

Log Line: At wit’s end with a motorhead neighbor always revving his big truck, a beleaguered artist takes matters into her own hands to finish her masterwork.


The Rusty Nail (horror) by John Acquaviva 

Log Line: Two best friends on a mission go clubbing when one meets a handsome stranger over drinks and things take a turn for the worse.

Feature Screenplay Category


The Corpse Dresser (sci-fi) by Daniel Cooper and Adam Cooper 

Log Line: A mortician who specializes in restoring the faces of the ‘traumatically deceased’ encounters an existential crisis when he finds the next body that crosses his table is himself, 20 years older, with a bullet hole in his head and an ominous message tattooed on his chest.


Only Apparently Real (sci-fi) by Michael Richter 

Log Line: Philip K. Dick investigates a break-in at his house . Before it actually happens.