A script that I co-wrote was released on DVD in August. It’s slowly making it’s way through the various DVD channels and is now available to ad to your queue in Netflix. It’s not actually available yet, but it’s in their system as “soon to be released.” So if you’d like to see it and you have a Netflix account you can add it to your queue by going here: http://www.netflix.com/Movie/Man_Overboard/70126912?trkid=222336&strkid=1863872280_0_0&strackid=36fb669aab6ed3f7_0_srl

And of course after you’ve seen it please write a nice review of it!

There are several other ways to buy the movie including through Amazon.com and through the official Man Overboard website.

Click here to buy Man Overboard from Amazon.com.

Click here to buy Man Overboard from the film’s official website.

Click here to add Man Overboard to your Netflix que.