In this episode I give a brief description about how I got my start in the business and sold my first few screenplays.

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If you haven’t read Syd Field’s Screenplay, you really should. You can by it from amazon by clicking here. I wrote a quick review of the book here: Syd Field’s Screenplay.

Stan Williamson on IMDb.

Writers Digest Writer’s Market.

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6 thoughts on “SYS Podcast Episode 002: How I Sold My First Few Screenplays”
  1. Well done, Ashley. Heard your interview on Script Dr Eric’s podcast Scriptcast. I’ve been a fan since… really appreciate your insights

  2. Thank you so much for this weeks podcast. I am able to relate and this has inspired me to keep moving forward and taking chances in my writing career.

  3. Really enjoyed the second podcast… the word for the day is persistence… and you got me to turn off the TV and do some work… that’s the upside…
    Many thanks,
    Brian King

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