In this episode I talk with producer and long time friend Mark Heidelberger about some screenwriting lessons from recent films like Rush, Prisoners, Gravity, and The Dallas Buyers Club.

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In the interview Mark talks about 12 questions to help writers with their stories. Here are the twelve questions.

12 Questions For Crafting Your Story

  1. What’s the genre? Is it a studio or independent?
  2. What’s the tone? (Two examples of movies similar in tone, not plot.)
  3. Who is the intended audience of the story?
  4. What’s your favorite scene/idea?
  5. Who’s the main character?
  6. What’s the main relationship?
  7. What’s the narrative question driving the story?
  8. What’s the thematic question of the story?
  9. What’s the main character’s goal?
  10. What’s the main character’s flaw in achieving that goal?
  11. Who’s the primary antagonist of the story?
  12. What’s the primary antagonist’s goal/flaw?

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