Alex Ferrari talks us through the process of creating a micro-budget feature film. He recently directed and produced This Is Meg, an independent film which is currently available on iTunes, Amazon, and Hulu.

The podcast is available in iTunes, YouTube, Stitcher (for Android users), the Windows Marketplace, and the Blackberry store or you can simply listen to it or watch it right from my blog.

You can also read a transcript of this episode.

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One thought on “SYS Podcast Episode 210: Filmmaker / Podcaster Alex Ferrari Talks About His New Micro-Budget Feature Film, This Is Meg”
  1. Loved the Alex Ferrari interview. I’ve been through a lot of his loops but from a little more old school perspective.(read less energetic.) and this was the first of your podcasts I listened to (you too have that energy quotient). Wishing the two of you the best, as I get my draft 2 going on my supernatural horror film script.

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