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2 thoughts on “Do you have any questions about screen writing?”
  1. Hi Ashley,
    Love your Blog. I have to questions.

    1.I was just reading about a gentleman selling a pitch and that the producers were hiring certain name screenwriters to write the script. How does one go about pitching an idea if you are an unknown?

    2. What on-line screenwriting courses would you say are worth while?

    Thanks so much.


    1. I don’t think there is currently a market for pitches from unknown writers. I was at a seminar the other day where two established screenwriters said that they couldn’t sell pitches anymore and their agents and managers were telling them to write the full script first and then try and sell that. So if professional, established writers can’t easily sell a pitch, it means it’s going to be even hard for an unknown.

      Essentially what you’re trying to do is just sell your idea… I wrote a post about it here:

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