I got this question recently:

“Do you think it’s worth mentioning in my query letter that my script was a quarter finalist in a well known script competition?”

Absolutely. Even a quarter final finish is noteworthy, especially in a big contest that most people have heard of. In my opinion getting these sort of accolades are what you’re really looking for when entering a screenplay competition. Sure, winning first place and banking some cash is nice, but really you want some recognition which will be ammunition for your query letter, and quarter final finish is exactly what you’re looking for. Most people in the industry know that there may not be a lot of difference in the quality of the winners and the quarter finalists other than one or two people’s opinions. The winners are usually picked over pretty well, so an agent, manager, or producer might be quite interested in reading your script because they know it hasn’t had a spotlight shined on it yet and might be a real diamond in the rough.

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3 thoughts on “Do you think it’s worth mentioning in my query letter that my script was a quarter finalist in a well known script competition?”
  1. Yeah, in my script in .pdf format, in the back I’ve included an extra page from the script contests where I was a finalist and semi-finalist.

  2. I fully endorse (If I may do so) the written reflections of genius by the writers of screenplays. As an Educator of Creative Writing (both in English and Spanish) and English Language (my native tongue)for a little over forty years, I dare say that it takes daring, skill, and uncommon creativity to write any story or screenplay. The experts may agree that the gap that exists between the novel and a screenplay is the fact that the latter is instant, spontaneous,fresh, and alive–like well-brewed smoking coffee.
    My concern (nothing personal against anyone in particular) is that I’m aware of people out there who are just waiting to grab at someone else’s hard work and then laugh all the way to the bank. In fact, I’m willing to converse with Ashley (if I may address this leaned person by the first name), and I may even pay a visit if invited to do so. I have been warned by other writers to protect all my work and my identity for they are priceless. On the other hand, I’m willing to share views and opinions. Meanwhile, I’m contemplating making the bold move to do my own movie because I’m not prepared to have to convince some skeptical producers/others that this is a ‘best seller.’ I’ve toiled too hard to come this far. I can never forget the time in 1983 when a US Professor of Literature singled me out in a classroom at the University of the West Indies and stated that I would excel as a writer in the great USA. This is no boast. I enjoyed studying American Literaure 11, the writings of the ‘actor’ Hemingway, Faulkner, and Steinbeck and I learned more about them by teaching their books/writing styles. Where I come from, opportunities to act and write are still rare and I was exposed to acting and singing by my big sister when I was nine years old, ‘landing’ my first real acting role at the age of fifteen in a beautiful, small church in my native Trinidad. Again, this is no boast. In fact, my exposure to Judaism and acting started simultaneously and I also owe my formative years of training in playwriting and acting to a great Jewsih missionary who was also like a Father to me.
    I have said enough. I would appreciate comments, hints, and suggestions. Thank you for reading this piece of writing that came from the depthsof my heart. Indeed, it is a great honor to be asked to make a comment and I’m truly humbled by this opportunity. Thank you for your time.

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