I got this question recently:

“I was wondering if you had any advice on how to follow up with a company that has requested your full script?”

I’ve never been as good about following up with companies as I probably should have been. I’ve always been so busy writing new scripts and sending out query letters I’ve never really had the time to monitor the lack of a response from a specific company and then try and track them down. But it’s probably a good idea.

If you’re not afraid to make a phone call I highly recommend that you call the company a month or two after you sent it. Or if you are afraid to call them and you have an email address for the person / company drop them an email.

The main purpose of this phone call or email is to try to establish a relationship with them. If they haven’t read your script yet tell them it’s okay and you look forward to hearing their thoughts. Call them back in a couple of months. If they’ve read it and passed on it try to find out what they didn’t like about it. Try to find out what sort of material they are looking for. This can really help you as you develop ideas for future scripts. And finally, ask them if they’d be willing to read future scripts that you write and if they say “yes” make sure you put their contact info in your database so you can pitch them your scripts in the future. Also, try and get additional information like their specific phone number and email address so you can contact them directly. If they liked your script but it wasn’t “quite right” for them they’ll probably be more than happy to give you this sort of information.

Keep in mind, there is a good chance they won’t take your call and won’t return your email – don’t worry about it. It’s going to happen in most cases. Simply move on. I would say one or two attempts to make contact is the most you’d ever want to do. After that it’s clear they’re not too interested in what you have to offer so spend your time trying to find people who will.