I got this question recently:

“Is it possible to obtain contacts of specific film directors? I might try to target specific directors. I want to make sure my script is handled by someone who has made a good horror movie.”

I talk a lot about the Hollywood Creative Directory on this blog and in some cases directors will have their own production companies so you can find them in there. If that doesn’t work contact the DGA, they will give you their contact info, or in most cases their agent’s contact info. If it comes down to pitching their agent it’s going to be a very difficult proposition.

Someone asked a similar question about attaching actors to a project, Should I find actors whom I think would be a good match for my movie and contact their agents? Check out that post as it goes into more depth about pitching an agent on a script and trying to get them to pass it along to their client.

One flaw in your thinking, however, is that you want someone with a track record to handle your project, yet you have no track record yourself. If you were a director with a track record wouldn’t you want to work with a writer with a track record? Of course you would. Think about what you’re asking for here? You’re trying to get someone to do something that you yourself don’t want to do – work with a newbie. Why not try and seek out a hungry up and coming director where you can mutually help each other move up the ranks together?

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  1. There are no identifiable Christian Producers in the Hollywood Creative Directory. So if Christians are my target audience, and I need to find a Christian Producer, where would I go to find that information?

    1. You might try joining IMDB Pro and then specifically look up Christian movies that you like, find the producer’s name and then see if there is contact info in IMDB Pro.

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