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How do you handle multiple writers in your query letter?

I got this question recently:

“I have just completed my first script with another writer. We’re both unpublished writers, and I was wondering how you handle a query letter if there is more than one writer.”

What I do for scripts that I’ve written with other people is I write the query letter from my perspective.  I sign it and I write as if I (not we) am talking to the producer.  I’ll mention the other writer if it adds value to the pitch.  If he worked as a policeman and the script is a police drama that should be mentioned.  If he’s done stand-up comedy and the script is a comedy I might mention it by writing something like this, “My writing partner on this project, Joe Schmoe, has done stand-up comedy for years and is a member of the Groundlings in Los Angeles.”

In the query letter stage it’s really not that important if you have a co-writer or not so you don’t need to explicitly mention it unless mentioning it adds value to the pitch.

The producer might want you to sign a release form in which case all writers would need to sign it.

I usually include a brief synopsis with my query letter and I’ll list all writers on the synopsis at the top with the title of the synopsis like this:

You Screenplay Title


Joe Smith & Mary Jones

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