I got this question recently:

“We finished what we think is an awesome screenplay. We’ve passed it to a couple of industry people and have been set up to speak with a manager. We’ve posted it on triggerstreet and are awaiting reviews. What is the next step? OTHER than to keep writing? Because we know that already.”

I would say the next step(s) is to start keep marketing your finished screenplay and to finish a few more and start marketing them. Not only should you always be writing new material but you should also always be marketing your completed material. A script is not locked up until you have sold or optioned it to someone so until then, keep sending your stuff out to producers. You don’t have representation until you’ve actually signed a contract with an agent or manager. So until that time keep trying to set up more meetings with agents and managers.

New writers have this misguided idea that once they have an agent or manager it’s all downhill. This is quite simply not true. Most writers are out of work writers and that includes writers with representation. In addition there is a good chance that the one meeting you have set up might never amount to anything. The manager might not like you or your material or you might not like him. So again, keep trying to set up more meetings with agents and managers.

I would say until a script is sold or optioned you should be marketing it. If you’ve exhausted all your personal contacts start sending out cold query letters. I outline how to do that in this post: How to Sell Your Screenplay (in a nutshell).

One thought on “I’ve finished my screenplay and have some meetings set up, what is the next step?”
  1. Someone once told me, “plays are never finished the author just gets tired of writing them.” I don’t know if I agree with that but I do know that if you want to be a professional screenwriter the first thing to do is keep working at it. You watch the good movies and ask why they are good. You watch the bad movies and ask why they are bad. No matter what you just keep working.

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