I got this question recently:

“I bought the Hollywood Directory and wrote to 100 producers, none of them asked for my story because they do not accept unsolicited material. How can I get it out there for consideration when no one knows it exists? What can I do to get someone to read it? And consider it?”

First, read this post: Submitting to companies that don’t take unsolicited material

Honestly, I think you need to re-work your query letter. If you did 100 letters and got zero “yes” responses it means your query letter is not getting any interest. The easiest way for a production company to say “no” is to simply say they won’t read “unsolicited material.” But trust me, if they like your query letter and story a few companies will read your script.

Getting the no “unsolicited material” response is going to happen even to the best writers so don’t worry too much about it. Rejection is a big part of being a writer.

If your list of 100 companies was hand picked and you only picked large well known companies than it’s possible your response rate isn’t typical. The larger companies are less open to new writers so keep that in mind when building your list of 100 companies to send to.

So my recommendation is to completely rework your query letter and send out another 100 letters to see what sort of response you get. It’s also possible that your query letter is okay but your story concept is just not as compelling to others as it is to you, in that case there isn’t much you can do except start writing another screenplay. But in most cases if a story is compelling to you it will be compelling to some other people as well, so it’s just a matter of writing a good query letter and finding those other people by sending out lots of query letters.

If you join my screenwriting tools I (and other members) will even help you rewrite your query letter.