I got this question recently:

“You shot your own script Reunion yourself with the help of a Director. Is there any reason you did not continue shooting other scripts. I am asking this question as this is my intention. I have two scrips and all the filming equipment with lenses, lighting, mics. etc in my possession. I just don’t have the expertise as this is my first time.”

The main reason I haven’t considered doing this again (producing my own work) is simply because Reunion wasn’t much of a success. It didn’t cost a lot to produce it but then again it didn’t make any back either.

Shooting a film has never been easier or cheaper than it is today. But because it is so easy to produce a micro budget film, it’s also more competitive than ever to have your film get recognized.

While I would encourage anyone and everyone to get out there and make things happen for themselves, I would also tell them to temper their expectations. While it was a fun project and I certainly have no regrets about doing it, since Reunion didn’t make its money back I’m leery to try it again… but not completely opposed to it, either. I’m actually kicking around some micro-budget ideas and I might try it again, hopefully a little wiser and more experienced.