I got this question recently:

“What do you think of writing a screenplay ‘for’ specific actors? I don’t mean actually planning, or even hoping, to cast those actors–only to help visualize the scenes and vary the dialogue as you write. I’ve just finished the first draft of my first screenplay, and it came naturally to me to do it this way. It ‘s also great fun!”

I think this is an excellent idea and I know a lot of writers do this. Really anything you can do to try and breath life into your characters is probably worth trying. So if this helps you give your characters a more distinct voice than by all means do it.

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2 thoughts on “What do you think of writing a screenplay for specific actors?”
  1. I always imagine this or that actor / actress to play a certain role in my script. It really helps me visualizing the scenes and add certain habits to the characters without appearing too stereotyped. Writing a role “for” a specific actor doesn’t mean there aren’t any other actors who could play this specific role; it’s a great way to keep writing once you add an actor / actress you like most.

  2. Question brought back a memory. When I was at NYU there was a fellow from Brazil who was friends with a famous actor. He had a screenplay written specifically for this actor. The actor had agreed to do it and my friend focus everything on this one actor (an Academy award winner) Sadly the actor suddenly passed away leaving my friend distraught not only about losing his friend but also (in his mind) his career. So much was tied into this one actor that he was unable to find his bearing. I think it’s great to “hear” an actor as you’re writing. As in all of life perspective and the ability to overcome unexpected events are key.

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