I get this question quite often:

“Will you read my script?”

I simply don’t have time to read people’s scripts.

I get the sense from a lot of people who want me to read their script that they’re hoping I’ll read their script, think it’s terrific, and then pass it along to some Hollywood heavy hitter who will buy it. There’s zero chance of that happening. Not because your script isn’t terrific, it very well might be. But I’m not in a position to sell your script any more than I am in a position to sell any of the 20+ spec scripts that I’ve written that are sitting on my shelf. Believe me, I wish I could.

If you’re serious about getting professional notes on your script (which is the absolute most you could hope for by me reading your script) I recommend that you check out my post on script consultants. If you don’t have friends in the industry who will read and critique your work you should seriously consider spending a few bucks and getting a professional script reader to look over your material before you submit it.

4 thoughts on “Will you read my script?”
  1. Relative to getting feedback and readers for a script, I can recommend the Squaw Valley Community of Writers Screenwriting Workshop that’s held every August at Lake Tahoe, CA. Your script will be read for acceptance into the workshop. If it’s good enough, you will be invited to the workshop. I found it to be one of the best screenwriting experiences I’ve ever had. They have many industry professionals as guests speakers that offer connections and you are assigned a professional screenwriter as a mentor for the week. My mentor stuck with me after I attended in 2001 and he’s still helping me without expecting any compensation. I feel so very fortunate. I thought this might be another avenue for some who are looking for readers and a terrific way to make connections–especially for writers like me who live on the east coast far from the geographic center of screenwriting and the film industry.

  2. I used script doctor Eric a few months ago. He was honest and loaded with great suggestions. I’m polishing up a script now that he read and I am very happy with the direction it’s going in. (Not a paid advertisement, just a happy customer)

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