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Winner chosen for the free entry into Script Doctor Eric’s screenplay contest

I’ve chosen a winner (see Free entry in to Script Doctor Eric’s screenplay contest for more info).

I had nearly a dozen loglines submitted and it was very difficult to choose a winner. I can honestly say that I didn’t get a single half-backed submission. So thank you to everyone who submitted.

The winner was Kenan S. Brack.

Title: Kung-Fu Degeneration

Logline: “After the tournament ends, several contestants find themselves in a final battle against an island of undead soldiers left behind from World War Two.”

What I liked most about his logline was that I got a good sense of what type of movie this was. It seemed very Zombieland to me. And with the success of Zombieland it seemed like a script that could generate some interest from producers.

My only suggestion would be to try and give a little more details. What tournament? Who are these people? And what’s at stake if they fail? Their own lives or all of humanity?

And maybe add a second sentence to really cap it off, something like: “Kung-Fu Degeneration is Survivor meets Zombieland with a World War II twist.”

Anyway, good luck to Kenan in Eric’s script contest.

You can still enter Script Doctor Eric’s screenplay contest by going here: http://www.scriptdoctoreric.com/2010/03/script-doctor-erics-screenwriting.html. He’s accepting entries until midnight March 31, 2010.