Script Doctor Eric dropped me an email today.

He’s having a query letter writing contest. If you are just starting out with your query letter this is a great way to get it reviewed for a very low price (he’s charging just $3 per submission) and you stand to win one of three very nice prizes – top prize being a full review of your screenplay. I can’t see not taking advantage of this if you’re working on a script. Write up your query letter today and send it over. Eric explained the contest like this: “What I plan to do is give everyone who entered a brief thought or two on on their query, and then use the winning queries as examples on how to craft effective letters.”

As some of you may know he’s a regular commentor on this site and his comments are always very good. He’s worked in script development and sold and optioned some screenplays as well.

So for just $3 at the very least you can get a couple of thoughts from a professional screenwriter on your query letter. What a great deal. The deadline for submission is on Friday April 17th (2009) so there is no time to delay.

Here’s the link to his site for all the details:

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