A big congratulation goes out to the winners of the 2010 SellingYourScreenplay.com screenplay competition.  Competition was fierce as we had hundreds of entries.  Unfortunately everyone can’t be a winner.  Please remember that writing is very subjective and just because one of our judges didn’t move your script to the next level doesn’t mean that it’s not “good,” it simply means it didn’t resonate with that particular judge.

Listed below are the winners of this year’s competition.

Grand Prize Winners (listed in alphabetical order)

Casimir Effect by Gabriel Strange & Lydia Wood

Logline: Alice has a choice to make, stay with her true love and risk the collapse of the space time continuum, or take drastic measures to ensure all of creation isn’t erased.

Needle Park, Texas by James W. Price

Loglin: Junkies are taking over a small, Texas town.  Only a dentist, a bartender, and a Vietnam veteran have the guts to stop them.

Finalists (listed in alphabetical order)

Becoming My Mother by Kevin E. Curry and Kathleen A. Curry

Logline: BECOMING MY MOTHER is the story of April Hobson, a successful, young businesswoman who has her life turned upside down when her mother’s death forces her to face the unknown and take on her mother’s family duties. BECOMING MY MOTHER is about discovering who you are and not letting others, especially your family, define you.

Mid-Life Comedy by Roy Hasslup

Logline: When a manager at a local seafood restaurant hits mid-life comedy ensues as he cheats on his wife, embezzles from the restaurant, and becomes involved in illegal seafood smuggling ring.  Damn those oysters smell bad!