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Screenwriting and salt and vinegar potato chips

When I was in 7th grade I used to eat salt and vinegar potato chips.  They were new on the market and no one else was eating them.   When I shared them most of the people thought they were disgusting.

One day the coolest kid in the class, Craig, brought salt and vinegar potato chips to lunch and started telling everyone how awesome they were.  Pretty soon everyone in the class wanted salt and vinegar potato chips and I could trade half a bag of mine for a coveted Twinkie or candy bar, even to the people who had declared them disgusting only a few days earlier.  What changed?  The chips didn’t change.  It was the perception of the chips that changed.  Craig had literally (and single handily) created a market for salt and vinegar potato chips in my 7th grade class.

How does this relate to screenwriting?

How can you get the “cool kids” in Hollywood to vouch for your script?  The “cool kids” in Hollywood are the working actors, producers, directors, and writers.  If you live in Los Angeles it’s quite likely you’ll know some of them or know someone who knows them.

As an unknown writer the perception people will have about you and your script is going to be that you’re just another one of the millions of want-to-be writers.  But if you can get interest from an established industry professional it can greatly alter that perception.