Below is a list of all the screenplays that made it into the second round of SYS’s Six Figure Screenplay Contest.

A big congratulations to all the writers who had screenplays make it out of the first round. Congratulations.

No matter where your screenplay placed, please know that we took great care to read and consider each screenplay. Evaluating screenplays is a very subjective process and it’s possible we’ve overlooked some great screenplays. So if your screenplay didn’t place as highly as you expected I would encourage you to get other opinions. Enter other contests. Send it to a friend. Get a professional script analysis done on it. You never want to rely on just one opinion, it’s just too subjective.

We will be announcing the quarter finalists on October 7th, 2020.

So without further ado here are the screenplays that have progressed to the second round of SYS’s Six-Figure Screenplay Contest 2020 (listed alphabetically by screenplay title):

9/10 (drama) by Richard Willett
98.6 Miles (drama) by Jorge Perez
A Price Paid (thriller) by Andrew Marshall
Alternative Education (family) by Sandra Moonias
American Fallout (drama) by Harry Kakatsakis
An Angel Whispers (drama) by Jeremy Storey
Back to the Go-Go (drama) by Travis Houze
Backwaters (action/adventure) by Jeffrey Craine
Big Sister (drama) by David Chester
Brook Farm (comedy) by Alexander Wake
Common Cents (animation) by Christopher Ballard
Confessions (thriller) by Stephen Hoover
Consent (sci-fi) by Glennyce Lynn
Entering Karman County (thriller) by Douglas Raine
Edgewater (thriller) by Matthew Sorvillo
Fallout (horror) by Andrew Marshall
Friend Request (thriller) by Richard Pierce
GeÓ’ndert (drama) by Edward Chersevani
Gossip In The Sanctuary (drama) by Trent Copeland
Grandma’s House: Over The River and Through The Woods (horror) by Michael January
Horseplay, A Love Story (romance) by Jeffrey Skelley
Hamilton Heights (drama) by Felicia Baxter
Happy Reparation’s Day (drama) by Sharon Nash
Hawkeye Harrigan returns (romantic comedy) by Barry De Vault
Heartbreaker (thriller) by Andrew Stein
Hummingbird (drama) by McKinnon Powell
Invisible Prisons (drama) by Hoyt Richards
Imminent (thriller) by Lee Brandt
Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler) (drama) by Benny Jean-Baptiste
It Chooses You (drama) by Jordan Galland
Know Your Body (comedy) by Ariella Carmell
Light Years From Home (sci-fi) by B Gautham
Little Suzie Homemaker (comedy) by Chris Adkins
Opposition Research (thriller) by Tracy Schumer
Orphaned at Christmas (drama) by Joanne M Guidoccio
Otis N the Dough Boyz (drama) by Alexander Etseyatse
Our Hearts as Fiction (drama) by Brian Tuttle
Out Of Time (sci-fi) by Joseph Villanti
Password (crime) by Barry Lane
Pickup (drama) by Alexander Leiss
Popular (dramedy) by Marley Schneier
Property of… (thriller) by David Santo
Rage Against the Night (drama) by Akiva Cohen
Red River (thriller) by Justin Bellow
Rescue Dog (drama) by Brent Delaney
Rough Water (action/adventure) by Clint Williams
Soccer Babe (family) by James C Peters
The Color of Love (romantic comedy) by Debbie Shannon
The Eremite (sci-fi) by Mark Sposato
The Hollow Tree (dramedy) by Rafa Russo
The Last Truth of Solomon Hutson (drama) by Don Mousted
The Other Me (thriller) by Joshua Rahymes
The Strippers and the Vampire’s Daughter (horror) by Peter Hurd
The Untitled Twin Project (drama) by Bea Lovett
The Ventriloquist (drama) by Michael Mortimer
The War on Santa (family) by Farrin Rosenthal
Think Tank (thriller) by Phil Davey
Time’s Up (thriller) by R.L. Hadley
Under ‘S’ for Sucker (family) by Peggy Hanna
Vision (thriller) by David Tenenbaum
What We Leave Behind (drama) by David Duty
Where Daylight Dies (thriller) by David Quiroz
Whoever Fights Monsters (horror) by Michael Fine
Witches Bitches (horror) by Colton David Coate
Worth the Fight (drama) by Rocco Palmieri