A big congratulations to all the writers who’s screenplays have advanced to the quarter finals of this year’s Six-Figure Screenplay Contest!

There were lots of well written, exciting, original, and interesting screenplays in a wide variety of genres this year, and choosing the ones to advance was no easy task.

We’re still busy at work trying to figure out which screenplays will move into the semi finals, so stay tuned for that announcement on September 26th.

Here is the list of screenplays that have made it through to the quarter finals (listed alphabetically by title):

Short Screenplays:

Gloomy Sunday (horror) by Kevin Machate
Scumbags (comedy) by Tony Hunter
The Autocorrect Stage (drama) by Sara Joy Skerritt
Thirty Magic Candles (horror) by Joe Hurst
Waiting For Joey Pants (drama) by Tom Cavanaugh

Feature Screenplays:

A Solid B (thriller) by Brian O’Connor
Bad Business (comedy) by Andrew Adams
Barth (drama) by Scott Marshall Taylor
Blue Winter (horror) by Madison Sean Flannery
Call Me Thor (drama) by Jamie Campbell
Christian Morris (drama) by Jeffery Brown
Funeral for a Friend (drama) by Brian Mulligan
Mercy Dearest (comedy) by Joseph Guerrieri
The Edge of Darkness/DARK SMOKE (horror) by Amy Rebecca Blackwelder
The First Michael (comedy) by Michael Buonocore
The Last Stage, or Wyatt’s Earp Dying Dream (drama) by Bruce Scivally
The Loneliest Road (drama) by Thayenne Behr
The Unseen (thriller) by Shiva Ramanathan
The Voyeur’s Logbook (thriller) by Kenneth Perkins