In the SYS Podcast Episode 004 I talked about how to get your first few credits as a screenwriter. The core of what I recommended was that you write and sell or perhaps even produce, some short screenplays.

They are fairly easy to write and your chances of getting a produced credit are pretty good. And these shorts can be listed on IMDb so you can start to build your screenwriting resume.

This month’s SYS online class, Jacob N. Stuart is going to be teaching the entire process of writing a short film script that can be sold and/or easily produced.

If you are looking to get your first few credits as a screenwriter you won’t want to miss this online class.

This class will be taught by writer Jacob N. Stuart and me, Ashley Scott Meyers. We’re both professional screenwriters with real verifiable IMDb credits.

During this online class you will learn…

  1. You will learn how to write a short screenplay that can sell. There are a ton of subtle things that you must do correctly to give your short script a real chance at getting produced.
  2. You will learn how to market and pitch your short screenplay. A killer presentation can mean the difference between winning awards with your short film and having it sit, unused, on your computer.
  3. You will learn how to find directors and producers who are looking to produce short films. It’s never been easier to find people looking for short scripts.
  4. You will learn exactly how Jacob sold four short screenplays in the last year.
  5. You will learn how to produce a short screenplay for very little money that can win awards and launch your career. Producing a short film has never been easier, but you still need to know what you’re doing to maximize your efforts.

In this online class Jacob will be…

  1. Jacob will be illustrating the various techniques he talks about with award winning short films (see list below).
  2. Jacob will explain his entire process for conceiving of a story, writing it, finding a buyer for it, and getting it listed on IMDb.

You should take this class if…

  1. You should take this class if you have written or would like to write short screenplays.
  2. You should take this class if you have written a few screenplays but haven’t been able to sell any of them. This really is the easiest way to get professional writing credits.
  3. You should take this class if you want to learn more about the great opportunities that exist today for screenwriters.

Before the class begins, please watch these three short films via YouTube.

Sebastian’s Voodoo – My favorite. No actors. All Animation. Great Music. Characters Struggle/Conflict shown within the first 10 seconds. Clear Protagonist and Antagonist. Under 5 minutes. Student Film!

Offside – Unbelievably powerful. Universal message. Under 6 minutes. 1 location. 4 actors. Funny yet devastating.  No dialogue.

Strangers – Beautifully shot. Suspenseful from the start. 1 location. 2 Main characters. Clear obstacle. Under 8 minutes.

Jacob N. Stuart is an award winning filmmaker with professional experience in both features and shorts. You can learn more about Jacob N. Stuart from his IMDb page which can be found here:

Class Details

The original class took place in December, 2013. The class was recorded so you can take the class anytime by joining Selling Your Screenplay Select.