Pitching is one of those skills that every screenwriter must posses.

From formal pitching to producers and studio executives, to pitch fests, to pitching people on the street, every screenwriter finds themselves in situations where they must be able to quickly and concisely sum up their story.

Being good at pitching can mean the difference between being a working paid screenwriter and being a wannabe screenwriter working a day job.

This class will be taught by writer / producer Alan Katz and me, Ashley Scott Meyers. We’re both professional screenwriters with years of experience in the industry. Alan has successfully sold pitches for both feature films and television shows.

During this online class you will learn…

  1. You will learn how to pitch your screenplays to producers and studio executives.
  2. You will learn which parts of your story you should include in your pitch and which parts you should exclude.
  3. You will learn how to properly prepare for a pitch.
  4. You will learn the proper etiquette to follow during your pitch.
  5. You will learn what to expect from a pitch session by hearing real world stories from Alan’s experience pitching.
  6. You will learn how to craft a pitch script
  7. You will learn how to structure a pitch
  8. You will learn how to take your pitch script ‘on the road’ (doing it a few times in rooms where you don’t care what happens in order to get it ready for the rooms where you do care)
  9. You will learn performance tips (including how to tweak your performance relative to the kind of room you have to pitch in — office vs conference room)

You should take this class if…

  1. You should take this class if you want to improve your pitching skills.
  2. You should take this class if you’re planning on attending one of the various pitch fests.
  3. You should take this class if you want to sell a script or an idea to a producer.

About Alan Katz – Over the course of more than 25 years as a writer/producer, Alan Katz has been involved with several iconic entertainment franchises. He got his start writing episodes of ‘Freddy’s Nightmares’ the ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ TV series, ran ‘Tales From The Crypt’ for 5 seasons for HBO (also writing and producing 2 ‘Tales From The Crypt’ feature films) and served as a co-executive producer for 2+ seasons on Showtime’s ‘The Outer Limits’. He also has written pilots for ABC, Fox, HBO, UPN, ABC Family and SyFy, and worked as a script/story consultant for Electronic Arts. At present, his feature film script ‘The Genex’ (a political thriller about the Armenian genocide) is in pre-production. You can find Alan Katz on IMDb here: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0441623

Class Details

The original class took place in March, 2014. The class was recorded so you can take the class anytime by joining Selling Your Screenplay Select.