In this episode I interview screenwriter Jacob N. Stuart. Jacob is an award winning screenwriter and he shares some great tips about how he broke into the business with his award winning short film Montana.

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After the interview Jacob emailed me with some links and notes about some short films he recommends watching:

Sebastian’s Voodoo – My favorite. No actors. All Animation. Great Music. Characters Struggle/Conflict shown within the first 10 seconds. Clear Protagonist and Antagonist. Under 5 minutes. Student Film!

Offside – Unbelievably powerful. Universal message. Under 6 minutes. 1 location. 4 actors. Funny yet devastating. No dialogue.

Strangers – Beautifully shot. Suspenseful from the start. 1 location. 2 Main characters. Clear obstacle. Under 8 minutes.

“I recommend all 3 of these. You will notice these are all drama/thriller. Most “professors” will teach shorts should be comedy. I highly disagree. You have to be VERY funny to do a comedy short successfully. This isn’t an SNL skit. This needs to be real life and universal. And I think these 3 shorts prove my point.”

Links mentioned in the show:

Jacob N. Stuart on IMDb:

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