In this episode of the Selling Your Screenplay Podcast I interview Joey Tuccio from Stage 32 Happy Writers. Joey offers some great insight into how to properly pitch your screenplay to executives.

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You can also read a transcript of this episode.

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11 thoughts on “SYS Podcast Episode 031: An Interview With Joey Tuccio From Stage 32 Happy Writers”
  1. What a fantastic interview. Joey leads by example, always being himself! Such great advice and information. I love! I’ve met so many wonderful people on there. And The Happy Writers is a writer’s dream, Joey really does take a personal interest in every writer. I feel incredibly lucky to be a part of The Happy Writers. Joey’s helped guide my career and has been such an incredible mentor to me. I’ve used all the services with THW, from consults to pitches and it’s been a total game changer for me. I couldn’t recommend their services more highly.

  2. This podcast was great! I have been using The Happy Writers services almost since they started out, and I can personally attest to their dedication and commitment to helping writers succeed. Joey works tirelessly for writers, helping shape their careers and helping provide the tools to turn their dreams into reality. He doesn’t just say that he cares about writers — he truly does. Now that they’ve joined with Stage 32 and have a global pitching platform, the sky’s the limit! My writing partner and I have pitched a lot – and we always have a great experience. It’s like talking to a good friend. I can’t recommend them highly enough. Excellent job on the informative podcast, Ashley. Thanks!

  3. Great interview! A lot of good info. I’ve used The Happy Writers before and Joey is the best!

  4. I’ve been working with Joey since the beginning of The Happy Writers, and he has absolutely transformed my screenwriting career. I’ve earned so much from him, and from his colleagues. Happy Writers pitch sessions, coverage, classes – everything has been endlessly helpful. Why? Because Joey really cares. Just listen to him in this podcast; you can hear it. He will do anything he can to help a writer. As I tell everyone, Joey is the best! Let him help you.

  5. Joey is a living, breathing encyclopedia of all things Hollywood and screenwriting. His advice and tutorship is invaluable to anyone seeking to break into the screenwriting business – he knows first hand how the game works and it really shows. Experience trumps all, and Joey has it in spades! A “must listen” podcast for every screenwriter!!

  6. Joey Tuccio and The Happy Writers changed my life! I signed with a manager as a result of a Skype pitch session this past fall and have several exciting prospects on the horizon. Joey worked hard very hard to advocate for me as a writer, and continues to be an important person in my corner. I was skeptical of using a pitch service, but The Happy Writers is the real deal. Anyone looking for their big break should check them out!

  7. Ashley,

    I listen to most of your podcasts, and this is my favorite. I’ve been working with Joey for a number of years now, and he still amazes me! I look to him as my personal mentor. He and his team have worked with me in perfecting my scripts, guiding me through the perfect pitch, and setting me up with a great mentor, I was finally ready to pitch to executives via Skype. The process was seamless. Now with his teaming up with RB at Stage 32, the world is at our fingertips!!! Thank you!
    Christine Koehler

  8. This is an amazing interview with a true professional! Joey Tuccio puts his heart and soul into helping writers make it in this business. Every screenwriter out there should watch this incredible interview.

  9. This interview is amazing! Joey is so incredible and I really learned a lot listening to him. He definitely knows his way around the entertainment industry. Thank you for this!

  10. Joey is full of great advice! If you are serious about screenwriting, tune in. There are so many benefits to working with him. You will learn so much! After years, I still pick up valuable info. You couldn’t dream up a more supportive ally in this industry.

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