Darren Lynn Bousman talks about his big break writing and directing Saw II and his latest film, Abattoir.

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One thought on “SYS Podcast Episode 154: Saw II Writer & Director Darren Lynn Bousman Talks About Breaking In And His Latest Film, Abattoir”
  1. Been waiting for this opportunity to recall one of the worst job interviews I ever had, and the SOB doing it i betcha could have been a virtual doppelganger for Bousman’s character Abattoir had he actually had the building and remodeling skills necessary, which I’m sure he hadn’t. The business was literally called ‘Crime Scene Clean Up’ and was in the north bay of San Francisco about ten years ago, and the nasty part wasn’t so much the proposed work itself, it was truly the creepy little guy and bully entrepreneur doing the interviewing and hiring and who wasn’t at all shy about announcing his shameless dreams of building an empire of syndicated crime scene clean up franchises all over California, which he said he was going to dole out only to the right candidates — OH YUCK WHAT A CREEP, YOU HAD TO SEE HIM AND HEAR HIM TO APPRECIATE — and always with that red baseball hat of his covering up that head of gawd knows what!

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