I’ve written a few posts on submitting your query letter and screenplay to ads on sites like Craig’s List. I recommend it. I’ve optioned and sold scripts to exactly these types of ads.

Screenwriter and reader Jim Burtoft created a Yahoo Pipe to filter the Craig’s List pages that you would want to look at and has set up a keyword filter for “script” and “screenplay” – and the results are published to an RSS feed. RSS is a simple way to get content from publishers in an easy to read format that you can plug into your RSS reader of choice (Google Reader is free). Put this Yahoo Pipe link into your favorite RSS reader and you will see all the Craig’s List posts that have the word “script” or “screenplay” in them.


Jim also gave these instructions:

“Anyone can subscribe to it just like any other RSS feed.

If you are logged into Yahoo, you can “clone” it, then edit it to change what filters it uses, then subscribe to your own pipe!

Feel free to publish and/or share with anyone you want!”

Thanks Jim for this excellent resource.

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