As many of you know, I recently produced a micro-budget feature film, The Pinch (

Since finishing production in late July, I have had a ton of inquiries into how someone can go about producing their own material. A while back I wrote a long blog post specifically about how to do this. You can find it here:

In the article I talk about how one of the first steps to producing your screenplay is getting it professionally scheduled and budgeted so that you know how much money you need and how long it will take. I often get questions about how exactly to find a good producer who can do this. Well, my good friend, producer Mark Heidelberger, ( offers this service. So if you’re looking to begin this process, I highly recommend him.

Here’s what he can do for you:

Scripts are broken down, scheduled and budgeted by Mark Heidelberger, an expert producer, line producer, unit production manager and post production supervisor with 16 years of experience in the business. Mark has a bachelor’s in film studies from UCSB, a master’s in producing from UCLA, and is a member of the Producers Guild of America. He has produced dozens of music videos, commercials, features, shorts and other media. Film and television credits can be found here:

Each purchaser receives the following:

– Screenplay formatted into a shooting script
– Scene by scene breakdown book
– One line shooting schedule
– Cast day out of days
– Full length master budget
– Personal consultation with Mark, either in person or via telephone, where he goes through the materials one by one so they’re easy to understand

Total price starts at $800.00 and depends on the estimated budget range, scope and size of the project. If you mention Selling Your Screenplay Mark has agreed to give you an instant $50 off the price.

You can contact Mark directly via email here:

Let me know if you have any questions.