I have some friends who are trying to raise money for a short film they’re doing on Kickstarter.com.

Here is a summary of it:

“After You” is a comedy short about a 40 year old man going through not a mid-life crisis, but an afterlife crisis. Wayne Thomas Yorke (Meet the Fockers, Star Trek: Voyager) has been cast in the lead. The film will be shot on the RED – the same camera that both Contagion and The Social Network were filmed on. We’re trying to raise funds to pay for sound, cinematography, locations and more. Check out the campaign, share it, or even donate if you like what you see.


If you’re unfamiliar with Kickstarter, it’s a crowd sourcing website. Basically you create a project on Kickstarter.com and then you try and raise money for your project. If you don’t raise 100% of what you were trying to raise all money is returned to the donors. It’s not a silver bullet to film financing and you’re not going to be able to raise money easily. But what it does do is allows your supporters to give money to your project in small increments and become active participants in your success.

One thought on “Kickstarter campaign – After You”
  1. I am a cinematographer by trade. I am curious why the filmmakers of this short think its important to note what kind of camera they are using. Does using a red camera inspire people to give or invest money?

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