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Marketing considerations for screenwriters

I’ve been trying to think through some of the marketing considerations before I actually commit to turning an idea into a full script. I found this article over at Go Into The Story about a movie where it appears the writers (and subsequently the producers) failed to think through their marketing plan and are having difficultly recouping their investment because of it.

A lot of writers (including myself) often spend a lot of time writing scripts that ultimately aren’t marketable. Even smaller independent films must have some marketing angle.

I’m working on a new post about how I pick an idea to write into a full screenplay and the marketing considerations will be a bit part of that post. Look for my post next week. In the meantime check out this post about a script that was probably pretty good but didn’t have a clear marketing angle: http://www.gointothestory.com/2009/09/maiden-heist.html