I’m going to be teaching a class at this years Screenwriting Expo. My class is called: Using technology to market your screenplay. I’m planning on demonstrating some of the methods I’ve used to market my screenplays.

If you’re planning on attending this years Expo, please come out to my class.

It’s Sunday September 18, 2011 from 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM.

You can learn more about the session here: http://screenwritingexpo.com/program/session_detail.php?sessionID=7017

I also have a special discount code for readers of SellingYourScreenplay.com. The coupon code will work for either a Gold pass or a Basic pass. When you’re checking out just use discount code: SELLYOURSCREENPLAY

Hopefully I’ll see you there.



2 thoughts on “Screenwriting Expo 2011”
  1. This is in reference to the ‘How to Sell Your Screenplay’ post.

    I subscribe to the HCD Online and made up a list of 87 production companies addressed to the most appropriate individual listed for my query letter. So far I have received most on my letters back unread all stating the same policy that they are unable to read unsolicited material.

    Is this a recent change for ALL production companies to go to this sort of policy? It seems like now the only way to sell a script is to get your script represented by a WGA certified agency.

    Recently I have made a list of West WGA certified agencies and will be calling ahead before sending my script or query letter. Do you have any advice to overcome these types of policies or any advice in general for an inexperienced writer?


    1. I would say try some of the smaller production companies. Larger production companies are the ones who are more strict on the policy of not accepting unsolicited material, so don’t just send to the large ones or you’ll get a high percentage of these sorts of returns. Just keep submitting. 87 submissions is not a lot of submissions. When you get to 500 or 1000 submissions then you know you’re really pushing this script.

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