I don’t usually recommend script competitions since most don’t offer much value. However, today I’m recommending one. Script Doctor Eric is having a competition and he’s agreed to read all the entries himself. He’s charging $35 for entry, however I highly recommend you pay an extra $15 ($50 total) and get entered into this contest and also get an abridged version of his screenplay notes service. This is real value. At a minimum you will get 1 page of notes from a professional script reader and at a maximum you might actually place in the contest. It’s really a no-lose situation. This is a great chance to get professional notes for only $50. Eric is going to be very busy the next couple of weeks! The contest ends on March 31st or when he receives 100 entries, which ever comes first.

If you’d like to enter this competition go here: http://www.scriptdoctoreric.com/2010/03/script-doctor-erics-screenwriting.html

Check out my post, Entering screenplay competitions, to learn more about what I think of screenplay competitions in general.

Good luck!

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