I’ve been hearing about Stage32.com from a few different sources and a few days ago one of the founders, Richard Botto, contacted me. He apparently reads my blog.

We emailed back and forth and it sounds like his site is a great resource for all entertainment professionals, including screenwriters. So if you have a moment check it out.


Here is a recent press release about the website.



Stage32.Com Is Shaking Up the Entertainment Industry

In 5 months, the social networking site has attracted more than 40,000 actors, directors, writers, producers and others in more than 175 countries


LOS ANGELES – February 21, 2012 – Filling a void in the film, television and theater industries, co-founders Curt Blakeney and Richard “RB” Botto launched Stage32.com last September, giving members of the entertainment industry their very own social platform to network and collaborate. Since its official launch on September 1, 2011, Stage32.com has attracted more than 45,000+ film and theater creatives in more than 175 countries, including the United States, Australia, New Zealand, France, Canada, India and the United Kingdom.

Stage32.com was designed for aspiring and established actors, directors, screenwriters, producers, crew, and other industry members. It is an all-encompassing social network of like-minded individuals who have joined forces to promote creative growth in film, television and theater. The site fosters and facilitates collaboration between members using tried-and-true social networking concepts in “real time.”

Members use Stage32.com’s robust platform to network with other members anywhere in the world and engage in private conversations or public discussions in the Stage 32 Lounge. It also gives members the ability to upload photos, videos, resumes and projects, and also “follow” other projects to get updates and potentially turn ideas into production reality.

“On the flight back from the American Film Market (AFM) in Los Angeles, RB and I fleshed out the idea for Stage 32,” said Curt Blakeney, co-founder and President of Stage32.com. “In the bar of the Loews Santa Monica Hotel, we witnessed so many projects being discussed and so many filmmakers with completed films begging to be heard. We thought it would be great to create a virtual meeting place so that people could discuss film and theater projects and connect year round, anywhere in the world.”


Whether someone is looking to fund a film, cast talent in a project, find crew, get advice or discuss key industry issues, Stage 32 is designed to connect everyone within the industry: seasoned professionals, motivated newcomers, film students and award-winning talent.


Matt E. Hudson, a director, producer and screenwriter from London, and one of Stage 32’s most active members, recently shot a short film called “Reduction” using crew found entirely from Stage 32.


“Excelling at your craft is only half the battle,” said Richard Botto, co-founder and CEO of Stage32.com. “Networking is just as important, and we’re helping to accelerate that process. We’re giving students a head start on their careers before graduating. For those already looking to further their careers, we’re making it easier to do so by making the world a bit smaller.”


One of the more popular features of the site is the Blog section. Recent contributors have included award-winning writers Rex Pickett and Doug Richardson, whose “tales from the trenches” have resonated with Stage 32 members.


“With the publication of my novel, ‘The Safety Expert,’ a good friend and intermediary suggested that I might pen a short blog series for Stage 32,” said Richardson, an American screenwriter best known for writing the box office smash “Bad Boys,” as well as the adaptation of Walter Wager’s novel “58 Minutes,” which became the basis for the sequel “Die Hard 2: Die Harder,” and most recently, “Hostage.” “Thus was my introduction to the site and the terrific people who run it. Imagine my greater surprise that, during the run of the blog, I found myself as enamored by the interaction from the Stage 32 members as the actual writing experience. An entirely new and unexpected voice was injected into the story that I found stimulating as hell. I’m very grateful for the Stage 32 experience and plan to stay involved as the site continues to evolve.”


Pickett had a similar experience sharing “My Life on Spec: The Writing of Sideways,” which outlined Pickett’s incredible journey from concept to the Academy Awards.


“The enterprising Richard Botto and Curt Blakeney approached me about doing a blog for their new social media website for industry professionals, Stage32.com,” said Pickett, the author of the blockbuster hit “Sideways” and its sequel “Vertical.” “I checked out their site and it looked awesome. One thing led to another and we ended up publishing the lengthy foreword to the hardcover issue of ‘Sideways’ in a well-received 6-part serialization called ‘My Life on Spec: the Writing of Sideways.’ It was a big hit with their many members thanks mostly to Richard’s and Curt’s well-written introduction, editorial skills and promotional acumen. Stage32.com deserves to become the Facebook of the entertainment industry.”


Stage 32 can be found online at www.Stage32.com. It can also be accessed via Facebook at www.facebook.com/stage32 or twitter at @stage32online. Relevant for both newcomers and seasoned entertainment professionals, Stage 32 is the no-nonsense, professional place to get serious about taking a dream and making it a reality. Best of all, Stage 32 is free to join and can easily be linked to an individual’s Facebook account, giving the user easy access to their existing contacts and colleagues.


“Stage 32 is the social network uniquely populated with the most creative people on Earth,” Botto said.



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