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Why you need a screenwriter website

I’ve had a screenwriter website for nearly my entire screenwriting career. It’s a simple website that lists log lines, synopses, links to my various profile pages (Twitter, Facebook, IMDB, etc.), and a brief biography about my writing credits. To see exactly what it looks like go here: http://www.ashleymeyers.com.

Having a screenwriter website can get you more script requests. In my query letters to producers, agents, and managers I always include the URL and tell the reader that I have more log lines on my website. Countless times I’ve had people pass on the script I was pitching in the query letter but still go to my website and request another script from me. These sorts of submissions can ad up over the years.

Having a screenwriter website can also be a great networking tool. If you meet someone who’s in the business it’s easy to tell them your URL (or print it on a business card) so they can check out your material at a later time. If you live in Los Angeles this is especially important as you meet people all the time who are in the business but you might not always get a chance to pitch your entire inventory of scripts. Having a screenwriter website allows you to pitch all of your scripts 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Selling Your Screenplay is building a suite of professional screenwriting tools and a tool to create and manage your very own screenwriter website is going to be included. We’ve created a simple to use interface (no HTML or programming skills required) where you can input all of your information and it will format it into a professional screenwriting website for you. To see an example site check out my own screenwriting website, http://www.ashleymeyers.com.