Below is a list of all the screenplays that made it into the second round of SYS’s Six Figure Screenplay Contest 2022.

A big congratulations to all the writers who had screenplays make it out of the first round. Congratulations!

Trying to grade something as subjective as screenwriting is not always easy, and we acknowledge that no process, including our own, is perfect. If you didn’t place as highly as you had hoped, get another opinion. It’s always possible we’ve overlooked a great screenplay.

We will be announcing the quarter finalists on September 19th, 2022.

So without further ado here are the screenplays that have progressed to the second round of SYS’s Six-Figure Screenplay Contest 2022 (listed alphabetically by screenplay title):

Short Screenplays:
Gloomy Sunday (horror) by Kevin Machate
Luke and Emma and a Gas Station on Franklin Avenue (drama) by Levi Wilson
Metal Box (drama) by Brayden Dalmazzone
Requiem for a Life (drama) by Tony Macy
Scumbags (comedy) by Tony Hunter
Song Of The Selkie (fantasy) by Kerry Browne
The Autocorrect Stage (drama) by Sara Joy Skerritt
The Wager (drama) by Timothy O’Brien
Thirty Magic Candles (horror) by Joe Hurst
Waiting For Joey Pants (drama) by Tom Cavanaugh

Feature Screenplays:
A Solid B (thriller) by Brian O’Connor
Abyss (horror) by Seya Hug
Anti-Social (horror) by Brendan Byrne
Arden (drama) by Dale Wolf
Backwaters (action/adventure) by Jeffrey Craine
Bad Business (comedy) by Andrew Adams
Barth (drama) by Scott Marshall Taylor
Blue Chip Red (comedy) by Jason White
Blue Winter (horror) by Madison Sean Flannery
Call Me Thor (drama) by Jamie Campbell
Cherry (drama) by Kat Kaevich
Christian Morris (drama) by Jeffery Brown
Cicada Summer (comedy) by Andrew Adams
Fertility (horror) by David Ferris
Funeral for a Friend (drama) by Brian Mulligan
Ghosts of Cape May (drama) by Tom Frangicetto
Giants (drama) by Kathleen Scott
Highway of Tears (horror) by Philip Elliott
Ignition (thriller) by Steve Looker
Indiana Jones and the Tree of Life (action/adventure) by Isaiah Mouw
Infinity (thriller) by Chris Bonneau
Iron Mountain (drama) by Jeff Hindenach
Late Fees (comedy) by Darren Coyle
Lockdown Generation (drama) by Joel McElvaney
Mercy Dearest (comedy) by Joseph Guerrieri
Sent Away (drama) by Joel McElvaney
The Jekyll Effect (horror) by Joseph Dzikiewicz
The Only Child (thriller) by JSHinds
Trick Of The Eye (drama) by Dennis Haseley
The Bearing (thriller) by Christian Hearn
The Edge of Darkness/DARK SMOKE (horror) by Amy Rebecca Blackwelder
The First Michael (comedy) by Michael Buonocore
The Hunted (drama) by Nic Lendvoy
The Last Stage, or Wyatt’s Earp Dying Dream (drama) by Bruce Scivally
The Loneliest Road (drama) by Thayenne Behr
The Unseen (thriller) by Shiva Ramanathan
The Voyeur’s Logbook (thriller) by Kenneth Perkins
Vice Grip (thriller) by Steven Traviss Smith
WereClaus (horror) by Andrew Hopps
World Peace (sci-fi) by Colton David Coate