Below is a list of all the screenplays that made it into the semi-finals of this years SYS’s Six Figure Screenplay Contest.

A big congratulations to all the semi-finalists. Congratulations.

We will be announcing the finalists on November 4th, 2020.

With each round the judging gets more and more difficult. But all of these screenplays have a few things in common. They all received very high grades from our first round readers. They could all be produced for a budget of around $1M USD. And they’ve all received positive responses from some of our industry judges. These screenwriters have all done a great job with their scripts and should all be congratulated. So again, congratulations on writing a terrific screenplay.

I’m incredibly proud to present the semi-finals of SYS’s Six-Figure Screenplay Contest 2020:

Back to the Go-Go (drama) by Travis Houze
Confessions (thriller) by Stephen Hoover
Entering Karman County (thriller) by Douglas Raine
Edgewater (thriller) by Matthew Sorvillo
Friend Request (thriller) by Richard Pierce
Rage Against the Night (drama) by Akiva Cohen
What We Leave Behind (drama) by David Duty
Where Daylight Dies (thriller) by David Quiroz