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From Dream to Screen workshop with Alan Denman

Alan Denman is having a workshop and he wanted me to pass along the information to my readers. I met Alan about a month ago. Inbetween his writing and directing gigs he offers a host of services to aspiring screenwriters. He’s smart, down-to-earth, and I think if you’re in the Los Angeles area you could really benefit from his upcoming workshop. Here is the information.

To learn more about this workshop go here: http://www.script-to-screen.com/Script-to-screen/FROM_DREAM_TO_SCREEN.html


How to write great screenplays that will engage audiences and producers

Sat. 11 Feb, 10 – 5

Vidiots, 302 Pico Blvd, Santa Monica CA 90405

Course fee: $75

British writer/producer/director, Alan Denman, presents a one day workshop designed to inspire and empower writers and filmmakers hungry to get their feature script made. This course will reveal the secrets of great storytelling, how to unleash your own creative power and raise your status in the game.

The day will be divided into four parts with breaks between each.

1. What Really Drives Us

What fuels our imagination and animates our creativity? How can we utilize that magic moment when ideas burst forth and develop them into an original story? This opening session looks at the hidden processes within film viewing and storytelling and the qualities required to be a great screenwriter.

2. The Secrets of Great Storytelling

The five key principles of storytelling and how to get an audience to engage with your Protagonist, draw them into your story world and keep them there. Invaluable tools for screenwriters and an instant test to see if your story has the necessary components.


3. Think Like A Producer

To be in the business you have to know the business. This session will provide you with a clear overview of the production process from dream to screen plus tips on how to raise your status as a writer and think like a producer.

4. Make Your Story Universal!

The most successful screenplays have great themes that address the major questions of human existence and also utilize ancient primal story patterns. A grasp of archetypes will enlarge your power as a storyteller and give your script greater commercial potential.

The course includes film extracts, handouts and exercises. Come along with an idea, treatment or script you are working on.


Alan Denman is an award-winning British writer, director and producer. For the last eight years he has lived and worked in Los Angeles. He joined the UK’s London Screenwriters Workshop in 1991 and was chair of the organization for four years. He was also head of development for Euroscript, a Media-funded script development organization. His short films have been shown at the Cannes Film Festival, in London and North America. In 2003/4 he moved to Los Angeles, where he wrote and directed his first feature film, Alien Game. In 2010 he and his partner Ayesha Walker formed Stinging Bull Films based in London and Los Angeles to produce films that are highly imaginative with strong commercial appeal.

Find out more about Alan and his teaching at:


You can watch his Screenwriters Salon series at:



“Empowering and inspirational. Thank you!”  Anna Symon, screenwriter

“Great delivery with informal approach and ample opportunity for questions and interactions. Will recommend to others.”   Sue Feehan, screenwriter.

“Really liked the ‘why’ we do things part of the course… Really inspirational!”  Dries Cooman, writer/director

“Many thanks for a great course.”  Deanna Dewey, writer/director

“Very inspirational and informative.”    Phil Robinson, screenwriter

To learn more about this workshop go here: http://www.script-to-screen.com/Script-to-screen/FROM_DREAM_TO_SCREEN.html