I got the below email from Matt over at the Script-a-thon. While I’m not a huge fan of screenplay contests I know the folks who run this one and they do a real good job trying to give writers good value for their money. They’ve got a lot of prizes and it only costs $20.

Just wanted to let you all know that the early entry deadline for the Script-a-thon is coming up (April 1).

This year, anyone that enters by April 1 qualifies to win free Movie Magic software. The vast majority of our entrants sign up in the last week before our final deadline, so right now there isn’t much competition for the free software (maybe 20 or so). So while we plan to run this promotion for later deadlines too, this is your best chance at some free software.

Although we obviously all have screenwriting software, for some of us, maybe it’s stolen off the internet (…not me) or otherwise kind of shitty, so I figured I’d mention it.

Plus – we’ve got a lot of other prizes this year too. Ink Tip, Virtual Pitchfest, agent consultations (APA, Paradigm, Gersh included) and some cold hard cash.

Judges are: Renny Harlin (director, Die Hard 2), Steve Mazur (writer, Liar Liar) and Doug Mankoff (owner, Echo Lake Productions), amongst others.

So sign up if you want. Small contests mean big chances at winning!

Here is a link for discounted entry ($20): http://www.thescriptathon.com/discount-page.html

Feel free to pass the discount on to any other writers you know.

2 thoughts on “Script-a-thon early deadline”
  1. First off, thank you for all your valuable insight and help in navigating the shark-infested waters of screenwriting. I wanted to check on the cost of the discounted entry. I clicked on the link, but it showed a 30 discounted entry. Is it in fact 20?

    If you like these guys, I’m in.

  2. Should I win, please do not send me a writing software package. I have two already. Many thanks.

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